This can be requested in the SQ Field, or many “front end” self-booking tools have a drop down/tick box for special equipment to be automatically added. The ability to book the special equipment is available through Amadeus and Sabre where it pulls through the Counter Products when available on auto-confirm. Example being: /SQ-ADD We have a whole range of special equipment and availability may vary by location – please see the Special Equipment Reference Table.

The table below details the special equipment currently supported through GDS today.
Please note that the Equipment codes quoted below are the industry standard codes and will be needed by the TMC to enter into GDS. Where ABG may use a different 3 letter code, this will be adapted in the background so it is accepted through Wizard.

Please contact the GDS Help Desk so they can check as this could be one of two errors, either the IATA is not set up for E-Voucher or there is no rate/value to issue the voucher against. Examples below:


All fields can be modified except the Name and IATA fields. However, if the customer is paying by AirPlus, then this method of payment cannot be modified. 

To cancel car segments always display the PNR first. Either XI – Cancels all segments (Which may include flights, hotels etc if more than 1 segment of travel booked). Or to cancel specific travel segments: Amadeus – Enter XE plus segment number(s) Example being: XE2 being segment 2 Sabre – Enter X (line number) 6 (name field) E Galileo – Enter X followed by segment number. For Example: X1

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Downloadable quick reference guides

Special Equipment Reference Table

Please click on the links below from the ACRISS Website to access the relevant GDS format guide which will enable GDS users to successfully make car rental bookings through their systems.

These guides are available in English and are downloadable*

*Please note formats may be updated by the GDS’s at any point on the ACRISS website, so any versions downloaded, may become out of date.

For Galileo, yes this must be included. Example being: /CD-ZIN123456   For all other GDS systems, no. Please enter the AWD/BCD number in the CD field as follows: /CD-N123456 as an example. 

Yes, can be added in the BR Field (Billing Reference).

Not all rates are eligible for FTN points. However, if the Customer ID number is passed, the renter will receive the full benefits of the programme, where applicable.

Check the currency code prefix being used before the voucher amount is correct. For example: In Sweden, the currency code is loaded as SKR and not SEK.

Please contact the GDS Helpdesk for assistance.

Please alert your Avis Account Manager who can check the AWD number is set up correctly.

Please contact the GDS Helpdesk for assistance.

Additional insurances cannot be added as products in the GDS, unless your own rates include them as part of the rate code.

If an Island shares the same fleet owner as its Mainland counterpart, GDS will always show the Mainland fleet loaded as it can only be loaded at country level. Examples of this will be for Spain/Canary Islands, Portugal/Azores and France/Corsica. 

Please contact the GDS Helpdesk for assistance.

Please contact the GDS Helpdesk for assistance.

Terminal 5 is loaded in all GDS systems under location code LONC16.

Add the preferred number in the ID field and then add the Billing Account number in the booking as normal at the same time. If completed at the same time, the customer number will not override the billing account. However, if the customer number is added after the reservation is made, the voucher will need to be re-issued to avoid the customer having to pay on credit card. 

Please check with your account manager that the profile is set up correctly and that the customers AWD number is correctly linked to their profile, if that is the rate you still wish to be applied. Ensure the profile number and billing account you wish to use are being entered together in the same transaction. 

The family name should be entered without the space. For example: Avis Preferred profile = Mr J Smith Jones : Amadeus Entry = Mr J Smithjones This cannot be used with the Flight segment as the name will be with a space. 

The agent will need to enter /BS-.AAN number. This will then override the IATA number from the agent profile being sent in the booking.

This is added in the BN Field for Amadeus, Worldspan and Galileo. For Amadeus only you will need to enter a ‘C’ in front of the AV billing number. Example being: /BN-CAV873 (C=Company) For Sabre, its entered via the VB Field. The TMC does not need to enter AV or BU in front of the account number. Example being: /VB-873 

Use the RC-BEST entry or rate shop with no AWD number.

Check in the rules to find out the name assigned to the rate code selected.

Galileo sends across the agents telephone details from their profile which populates the CON field.