What type of driving licence do I need to hire a vehicle?

Whether you're hiring a car or van, you just need a clean driving licence that covers the vehicle you're hiring. Don't worry if you have points on your driving licence. You can still hire a car in the UK if you have six or less points. You must have held your driving licence for at least one year if you are hiring in the UK. This will be different in other countries so ensure you check the Location Specific Conditions. Please remember to bring your physical driving licence with you when you collect your vehicle (we don't access electronic licenses). If you're driving abroad, you and your additional driver will also need to bring your International Driving Permits. But in some countries, such as China, you can only drive if you have a Chinese driving licence.

Discover whether you need an International Driving Permit for your trip and how to apply on the gov.uk website.


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