What is QuickPass?

With QuickPass, you can share with us many of the details we need for your rental at a time that suits you. That way we can start preparing your rental agreement before you arrive for collection.

To save more time, if you register via WhatsApp you can also share your DVLA licence code before arriving at our UK rental stations (we only need this for UK residents making rentals in the UK).

You can register for QuickPass from the moment you’ve booked your car. You just need your driving licence and a payment card to hand.

If you don’t have that info, you can register for QuickPass right up until you pick up your rental vehicle.

After booking:


  • Click the 'register for QuickPass' link on the confirmation page, or use the link in the confirmation email;
  • ,

  • Provide your driving licence and payment details;
  • ,

  • Tailor your rental with any extras you require.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a few reminders by email should you forget.

And that's it, you've registered your QuickPass.