What is Avis Inclusive?

Looking for a completely worry-free rental experience? Avis Inclusive makes car rental simple and stress free. With Avis Inclusive:

 – Remove the fear of unexpected charges and uncertainty. Avis Inclusive means you no longer need to worry about the fear of unexpected charges should any mishaps happen. And with zero excess cover and premium roadside assistance included as standard, if you lose the keys, get a flat battery, find a chip in the windscreen, or the car is stolen you are covered.

 – Clear, transparent prices. Be confident that there will be nothing else to pay, right from the start with one upfront cost at the point of booking.

 – No stressful, long-winded conversations about liability. We know conversations about cover and liability are not fun and we don’t like having them either. With Avis Inclusive those conversations aren’t needed as we’re both covered, so can get you on the road quicker.


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