What happens if I receive a fine?

When a traffic offence occurs, we are notified by the relevant authorities as the registered owner of the vehicle in order to identify the driver of the vehicle. Whenever possible, liability is transferred to the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence and the authorities re-issue the Penalty/Parking Charge Notice to the driver. We charge an administration fee to cover our costs involved in this process. Following a liability transfer, the authorities contact the driver directly by post with the re-issued fine. Rest assured, the dates of fine payment are updated so that the driver is not affected by the time taken to transfer liability. In some circumstances, liability cannot be transferred and the fine is paid on your behalf by us. The lowest possible fine amount is paid and is charged directly to the customer. Please note, to dispute an offence, the authorities must be contacted directly. Details of the dispute process and all contact details for the authority will be detailed on the re-issued penalty charge notice that you will receive.


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